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A Deux Violes Esgales The Twelve Wonders of the World

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Price: £12.00

Isabelle Desrochers • soprano
Ian Honeyman • tenor
Claire Antonini • lute
Sylvia Abramowicz • tenor and bass viol
Jonathan Dunford • bass viol  

Released July 2008 - A Merlin production

The Courtier
An Almond to both
The Devine
Pavin 1 for the lyra viol
The Souldiour
Pavin XIII for the lute
The Lawyer
Pavin 2 for the lyra viol
The Phisition
The Marchant
Pavin 3 for the lyra viol
The Country Gentleman
Galliard XIV for the lute
The Batchelar
Pavin 4 for the lyra viol
The Marryed Man
Galliard XVI for the lute
The Wife
Pavin 5 for the lyra viol
The Widdow
Coranto for two lyra viols
The Maide
Pavin XV for the lute
Pavin for two lyra viols
Toy for two lyra viols
Pavin 6 for the lyra viol
Pavin 7 for the lyra viol

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