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I.D. Henry Lowther's Still Waters


Julian Argüelles, saxophones
Paul Clarvis, drums and percussions
Pete Saberton, piano
Dave Green, double Bass

  1. I.D.  6'34
  2. I'll be Glad  5'29
  3. Golovec  10'09
  4. Emona  8'45
  5. It Never Entered My Mind  8'13
  6. Belas Knap  9'56
  7. Gog and Magog  7'12
  8. White Dwarf  8'42
  9. In The Bleak Midwinter (Host arr. Argüelles)  5'43

In Still Waters I have a band which includes some of the finest jazz musicians anywhere, and a band of which I am very proud. Although I've played on many recordings over the years, it has been a long time since I've made one of my own. For the first time in many years, with this band, I have felt the need to record something.

Recordings are to jazz what notation is to classical music, that is, documents. Most of the pieces on this album were composed some time ago and I wanted to "document" them before moving onto other things, to get them out of the way as it were.

Henry Lowther, Winter Solstice 1997

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