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Instant Sunshine is a unique musical comedy team who have a delightfully fresh and understated approach to singing their own brilliantly crafted songs. With hilarious self-parody and acute observation, they take a sideways look at everyday events in a beguiling and very funny style all their own. They play regularly at festivals and theatres throughout the United Kingdom and have delighted audiences on their travels round the worlds to New York, Honk Kong, New Zealand and Bermuda, where they returned for the Millennium Festival.

On their first appearance to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe over 20 years ago, they were voted Hit of the Fringe and return regularly to this wonderful carnival to savour the delights and meet old friends. One year a collection of comedy shows called The Lunatic Fringe transferred to London's West End for a season and Instant Sunshine took part in this. The three founder members with Tom Barlow on Double bass have a busy programme of concerts and Festivals ahead and a new CD recording will be available soon.


1. Knitting For Victory

2. Dear Diary

3. My Caddy Said

4. Toy Sympathy

5. Very Tiny Brain

6. Weather Is Never Quite Right

7. Awfully Keen on the Arts

8. I Wonder What It's Like To Be A Star

9. Old Times Back

10. Peace of Mind

11. Squidger

12. Aunt Agatha's Hat

13. Man From Porlock

14. Christmas Greetings

15. Lots in the Attic

16. Incurable Romantic

17. Gondoliers