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Instant Sunshine - Comes of Age


Humorous and witty songs from Instant Sunshine marking their 21st anniversary, composers and performers of BBC signature tunes for 'Money box', 'Stop The Week', 'Franglais' and 'Delia Smith's One Is Fun'.

Peter Christie is the brains behind the outfit, writes all the songs, does all the paper-work and has scored over 20 runs in one-day cricket at Dorchester. He sings and plays guitar, ukelele, cornet, trumpet and tuba, and is the only member of Instant Sunshine actively head-hunted by any other groups, usually the Salvation Army. He claims to be able to read music.

David Barlow sings harmonies and will insist on describing himself as the lead guitarist although where he leads, no-one follows. He also believes that, if his harmonica is recorded with enough echo, it sounds like Larry Adler. He knows a great deal about wine, bowls, googlies and claims not to be able to read music.

Miles Kington plays double-bass, trombone and euphonium and is renowned for his daily humorous column in the Independent and the Franglais column in Punch Magazine. He is a Great Railway enthusiast who bakes his own bread. He was shot at in Peru for the former but has not been, surprisingly, for the latter. He can read and write music but has never been given then opportunity.

Alan Maryon-Davis is the group's resident comic and is an expert on exotic percussion. He feels that his soft-shoed tap-dance is the highlight of the CD (Hear him between tracks 4 and 5) His frequent television appearances as presenter of 'Bodymatters' have led the other members of the group to suspect that he is secretly a doctor. He claims to have perfect pitch but has yet to get a wicket.

  1. The Parish Magazine: Did you know that Rupert Murdoch owned 97% of all parish magazines? The one in this song is owned by the Monopolies Commission.
  2. A Memorable Meal: Eat your hearts out, Roux Brothers!
  3. Smooth Train Blues: An ethnic experience from the Deep South - Woking, Guildford, Godalming...
  4. Yodelling Neurosis: A song from the Tyrol, where Sigmund Freud was potty-trained
  5. My Garden Shed: If you must have a garden shed, why not get one like ours? (see CD cover)
  6. My Dog Has Fleas: So, it is said, did George Formby  
  7. Everybody Needs A Body: If over 75% of the human body is water, what happened to the wine, whisky, slices of lemon and cocktail sticks?  
  8. Wish You Were Here: At last, a convincing message from Arthur Koestler  
  9. Spring Collection: From the House of Yves-St-Faire-Rien, a plea for simplicity in haute couture  
  10. Has Anyone Seen My Horse?: A further message from Arthur Koestler, this time on behalf of the Galloping Major  
  11. At The Launderette: Who said dirty socks weren't romantic?  
  12. Scat Like That: Seemingly by dizzy Gillespie out of Satchmo, the words of this song comprise an intimate message to the backing group on Paul Simon's Graceland.  
  13. Foreign Relations: Dedicated to Sir Francis Chichester who circumnavigated the globe without once speaking to a foreigner.  
  14. Conservations Conversation: Steamy passion sponsored by the Hot-water-bottle Marketing Board  
  15. Who Mowed The Lawns of Eden?: The very first garden party. Only two came. No wonder God was annoyed  
  16. Never Be Tempted By Water: For a nation of seafarers, a surprising number of us run away to land. Very wise.  
  17. Go Plastic: The first man to have a rhinoplasty was rejected by his new nose. The nose hired a good lawyer, gained custody of the children, wife and family home, went to night school and is now a plastic surgeon.  
  18. Platform Three: Worried by the number of people using trains, the Government has set up a body to discourage commuting. It is called British Rail.  
  19. Sorry: For all those who have recently had a major operation which failed. Not an excuse, not even an explanation  
  20. Los Peckham Ryos: Snuggling between Marble Arch and Paris, it is no surprise that Peckham Rye is twinned