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Instant Sunshine - Live at the Old Vic

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Price: £12.00

Instant Sunshine is a unique musical comedy team who have a delightfully fresh and understated approach to singing their own brilliantly crafted songs. With hilarious self-parody and acute observation, they take a sideways look at everyday events in a beguiling and very funny style all their own. They play regularly at festivals and theatres throughout the United Kingdom and have delighted audiences on their travels round the worlds to New York, Honk Kong, New Zealand and Bermuda, where they returned for the Millennium Festival.

On their first appearance to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe over 20 years ago, they were voted Hit of the Fringe and return regularly to this wonderful carnival to savour the delights and meet old friends. One year a collection of comedy shows called The Lunatic Fringe transferred to London's West End for a season and Instant Sunshine took part in this. The three founder members with Tom Barlow on Double bass have a busy programme of concerts and Festivals ahead and a new CD recording will be available soon.

They performed on BBC 2 last year with plans for more radio this summer.

"Instant Sunshine are too warm to be cool and too polite to be cutting edge. What they are is very, very entertaining." The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 1999.

"..... the poking of fun at the mundane every day lives of middle class England is intelligent, and in fact, despite all the odds, very, very funny." The Royal Gazette, Bermuda Festival, January 2000.

  1. Sunshine  
  2. Birdseed  
  3. Platform Three *  
  4. Knitting for Victory  
  5. Herts is Trumps  
  6. Smooth Train Blues *  
  7. The Euro  
  8. The Demon in the Drink  
  9. Our Show is Live  
  10. Lots in the Attic  
  11. Lugubrious Lobster  
  12. Who Mowed the Lawns of Eden *  
  13. My Horse and I *  
  14. Corduroy Trousers  
  15. Kiddies Olympics  
  16. Conservation Conversation *  

* These tracks are NEW 'live' recordings of songs that also appear
in a studio recorded format on the CD Instant Sunshine - Comes of Age.