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Mozart: Requiem Mass K.626 (Ed. Richard Maunder)

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Price: £12.00

Carys Lloyd Roberts, soprano
Debra Stuart, mezzo soprano
Richard Edgar-Wilson, tenor
Christopher Purves, bass
London Forest Choir
London Pro Arte Orchestra (Leader Robert Salter)
Murray Stewart, conductor
The composition of the Requiem has long been surrounded by myth and legend: the brilliant young composer, working desperately to complete his final masterpiece, mysteriously commissioned by a shadowy and unidentified messenger, perhaps Death himself? Long afterwards, there were persistent rumours that the composer's death was caused by poison administered by his jealous rival, Salieri. The Requiem remained uncompleted at Mozart's death: what hands gave us the work as it was handed down to posterity? Most of the legends have proved to be no more than intriguing gossip, yet the facts are themselves sufficiently remarkable.

Richard Maunder's new edition of the Requiem is based on Mozart's autograph, replacing Süssmayr's clumsier attempts at realisation by reference to other works which occupied Mozart's mind during this crowded last summer and autumn, notably La clemenza di Tito and The Magic Flute. The Sanctus and Benedictus in this recording are Süssmayr's; the Agnus Dei, which shows signs of being based on an etensive Mozart sketch, has been revised from the Süssmayr version.

  1. I: Introit: Requiem aeternam  5'11
  2. II: Kyrie  2'36
    1. III: Sequence
  3. Dies irae  1'51
  4. Tuba mirum  3'30
  5. Rex tremendae  2'00
  6. Recordare  5'23
  7. Confutatis maledictis  2'35
  8. Lacrymosa  2'23
  9. Amen  1'46
  10. IV: Offertory: Domine Jesu  3'35
  11. Hostias  4'17
  12. V: Sanctus  1'36
  13. VI: Benedictus  5'13
  14. VII: Agnus Dei  2'44
    1. VIII: Communion  
  15. Lux aeterna  3'05
  16. Cum sanctis  2'47