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Mozart: Sonatas for Piano & Violin K301 - 306 "Mannheim"


Andrea Cappelletti, violin      Vovka Ashkenazy, piano

Mozart's Six Sonatas K.301 - 306 point the way forward to the equanimity and democratisation of form and instrumental resource which would, in his later works, denote the very touchstone of perfection in the realisation of the Classical ideal.
Andrea Cappelletti, born in Italy in 1961, was the youngest pupil of the Naples Conservatory to obtain his diploma summa cum laude. He then continued his studies with Yehudi Menuhin and others. He plays the Holroyd Stradivarius (1727) entrusted to him by an international foundation.

Vovka Ashkenazy was born in Moscow. At the age of six, shortly after he had moved with his family to Iceland, he began taking piano lessons having developed a natural love of the instrument during his early childhood. At age sixteen he went to Britain to study at the Royal Northern College of Music, as well as occasional sessions with Leon Fleisher, Peter Frankl and his father, Vladimir Ashkenazy.

  • 1 - 2  Sonata in G major K.301
  • 3 - 4  Sonata in E flat major K.302
  • 5 - 6  Sonata in C major K.303
  • 7 - 8  Sonata in E minor K.304
  • 9 - 10  Sonata in A major K.305
  • 11 - 13  Sonata in D major K.306