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Paul Clarvis - For All The Saints


Stan and I had talked about doing an album. He suggested Tony. I jumped at the idea. At around the same time, Andrew Hallifax called me. We had met on a Mart-Anthony Turnage album - him engineering, me drumming - I was knocked out at his handling of the acoustics of the Church we recorded in and he liked jazz.

When he asked me to bring some jazz musicians to record in the Church I thought - This is fitting together nicely - The chance for me to play with great musicians, an engineer with big ears, and the challenge of making music in a difficult but rewarding room.

Stan Sulzman: Saxophones & Flutes
Tony Humas: Piano & Synths
Paul Clarvis: Traps, Drums & Percussion

  1. YE YE The goddess of charity*  6'11
  2. ERGHEN DIADO Stuart Hall introduced me to this from "The Mysteries of Bulgaria" but I never imagined it might sound like this*  4'56
  3. 'ALA-TTUUL Arabic for 'straight ahead' SULZMANN/HYMAS/CLARVIS  5'46
  4. BLOW WIND BLOW A traditional Latvian tune. I feel our version tells the story of destruction and resolution. *  8'49
  5. BAILEY Won't you please come home CANNON/CLARVIS  2'03
  6. SOME SCOTTISH AYRE Tony was on a walking holiday in Scotland. He heard this tune in a restaurant.*  8'42
  8. TAKSIM Setting the mood for. SULZMAN/CLARVIS  2'23
  9. MWASHA A very old and famous Middle Eastern Samaii.*  4'40
  10. YE YE Round two.*  2'28
  11. INIANA Stan's beautiful tune SULZMANN  3'46

   *Improvisations on traditional tunes  

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